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You can always push it further!

This credo is shared by many executive board members and managing directors, professionals responsible for strategy and personnel at multi-national companies as well as heads of public institutions. These individuals are always looking for ways to improve performance in their organization and, by doing so, identify challenges present at various levels.  

An integrated consulting approach helps unlock hidden potential.

undconsorten provides an integrated consulting approach to address the challenge of linking direction with strategic personnel work, as well as establishing sustainable change in structures and behavior. In this context, we also address current topics of the future such as "Agility" or "Future of Work".

We work together with management and our client’s experts on the levers of organizational performance. We provide support every step of the way—from concept development to its successful implementation—and bring to the table our extensive experience in strategy consulting and transformations, a pragmatic striving for excellence and flexible formats.

Succesful Purpose Statements

The definition of purpose statements may become a "Mission Impossible". We have summarized key success factors for how we can make it a "Mission Possible" together.

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Extremely fast-growing companies need to transform their organization while driving at full speed. To discuss how this can be achieved, we facilitate an experience exchange among leading hypergrowth companies.

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Leadership | Learning

Looking to boost your organizational performance and enable your leaders? We offer a learner-centric approach to strengthen essential capabilities for the leaders of today and tomorrow.

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