undconsorten LLP

Large companies and public institutions

Our clients are large organizations in the private and public sectors. In the private sector, these are mainly DAX, MDAX and family companies as well as large SMEs. We advice on all issues that are relevant to an organization's performance - from the strategic sorting of topics to the implementation of solutions.

We work directly with board members and CEOs of large corporations, as well as managers for transformations from the strategy, human resources or communication departments.

In the public sector, our clients include governmental departments, social security agencies and municipal authorities. We mostly work closely with the administrative directors, as well as those responsible for "central" topics, such as HR or IT. We are highly sensitive to the particular conditions and have a deep understanding of the public administration.

Our consultants have gathered many years of experience in the public and private sectors and are adapt at creating solutions that draw on the best of both worlds.