undconsorten LLP

Successful transformation calls for integrated consulting

At the heart of our consulting work lies the belief that achieving sustainable success in large transformations requires an integrated understanding of content direction, changes in structures and processes, new demands for managers and employees as well as necessary changes in behavior.

Co-production in developing solutions is the first step towards transformation.

To prepare for behavioral change, we develop solutions as a co-production between client organizations and consultants. Our dedication to this principle is reflected in our name undconsorten (and clients).

Our projects feature interactive formats, early coordination and conscious communication, without foregoing analytical rigor and critical examination as experts.

We are mindful of linking content, structures, people and behavior.

Something all our clients have in common is the quest for the added value, which results from linking strategic thinking with personnel and organizational expertise and taking an implementation-oriented approach. In partnership with us, they also seek to bring about change. To suit the needs of our clients, we adapt our timing as flexibly as possible, depending on the phase in the change process.

With this approach, we serve many multinational corporations, hidden champions and the public sector.

Multinational Corporations
Global DAX-30 companies
Family-owned companies

“Hidden Champions”
Small and medium-sized companies with international business
Successful start-ups

Public Sector
Social security institutions
Ministries and their departments