undconsorten LLP

Together even stronger

We work closely together with cooperation partners in our network to achieve the best possible results for our clients. We are able to strengthen our expertise in a targeted way regarding the specific challenges that our clients are facing, for example, in different key functional areas, international markets or specific industries.

We have established long-standing, trusting working relationship in various joint project with many of our cooperation partners. In addition to our network of hidden champions, we have worked very successfully with the following experts:

abc tillmann develops trend-setting learning strategies for large corporations and educational service providers. Companies are supported in developing working methods in a targeted fashion, in establishing control instruments and in the design of lasting and successful learning programs. undconsorten has worked closely with abc tillmann from the beginning and they have proven to be a reliable partner in the field of learning.

The interdisciplinary teams of Menschenkenner develop tailor-made concepts for companies with a focus on promoting a corporate culture that promotes self-determination, responsibility and authenticity. They focus in particular on the individual development of managers through training and coaching. Menschenkenner offers complementary approaches, especially in systemic coaching.

The globally active consulting boutique is based in Switzerland and supports management teams and organizations in'High Performance Team' Journeys. This is done through an integral approach around the “It dimension” (aspiration, goals and purpose), the “We dimension” (collaboration and culture) and the “I dimension” (authentic and inspiring leadership). Sum People AG orchestrates team workshops, coaching and mentoring as well as large cultural transformations. Thus, Sum People AG represents an ideal supplement to the organizational and strategic view of undconsorten.


Eightwell (a Swiss Verein) is a network of independent advisors who support senior and top leaders to achieve superior performance. The members of Eightwell (a Swiss Verein) provide a unique combination of individual expertise, experiences, personalities and above-average qualifications. undconsorten works closely with the members of Eightwell (a Swiss Verein) on selected projects, especially when it comes to specific issues related to C-level development, transformation support and coaching.

undconsorten is a preferred partner of the members of Eightwell (a Swiss Verein). undconsorten is not a member of Eightwell (a Swiss Verein).

undconsorten concludes all contractual relationships with clients in its own name. Neither Eightwell (a Swiss Verein) nor the members of Eightwell (a Swiss Verein) are parties to contracts with clients concluded by undconsorten.

If undconsorten and members of Eightwell (a Swiss Verein) enter into client relations with the same customer, undconsorten and the corresponding member of Eightwell (a Swiss Verein) are only liable for the obligations arising from their own contract. Joint liability is excluded.