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Our Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), with a special focus on education. We believe transforming our education system is one of the biggest levers for social change. Excellent education is the basis of our work in two ways. It is a decisive factor for both the sufficient availability as well as the high quality of personnel. This is why the importance of education is increasing in our society as well as for our clients. Finally, our commitment to social issues is an integral part of our identity.

Our holistic consulting approach has proven successful in both fields, which means that we have already made a significant contribution to many companies and organizations. We are interested in projects that aspire to change society and to change companies, projects with charisma and the power to inspire others.

In the past few years, we have supported several of these types of projects, most recently:

The social startup GlobalMatch brings young people from different parts of the world together to cooperate in economic, social, cultural and scientific tandem projects. The two partners meet as equals, learn from one another and work together to help solve the global problems of our time. Collaboration in the tandem projects takes place via the digital platform provided by GlobalMatch. The participants have the opportunity to acquire skills in international project management and digital communication. This work also promotes personal development and intercultural competencies.

  • How we have supported GlobalMatch
    • Refining the business model as a social enterprise
    • Agile development and testing of the marketing approach
    • Strengthening product prototypes for prioritized customer segments

Kiron Open Higher Education is a social startup that aims to break down the barriers for refugees on their path towards higher education. The organization makes it possible for refugees to obtain a bachelor’s degree after successfully completing a two-year online program (participation also possible with an unresolved resident status) as well as one to two years of study at a partner university. The core of the first two years, the platform provides a virtual learning environment for students and supplements regional integrated learning concepts as well as targeted mentoring.

RYL! is a non-profit education initiative that organizes coaching relationships between pupils and university students. This relationship fosters pupils from socially, economically or otherwise disadvantaged backgrounds as they enter their working lives.

Colored Glasses is a training program offered by the German Youth For Understanding Committee Association (YFU). By providing workshops, it aims to raise young people’s awareness of important issues such as discrimination, stereotypes and prejudice, as well as foster exchange between different people.

Under the auspices of the German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, the Deutschlandstiftung Integration is committed to creating equal opportunities for people with an immigrant background in Germany. The foundation is an initiative of the VDZ (Association of German Magazine Publishers) together with industrial and commercial companies. It seeks to provide information about integration, eliminate prejudice, raise awareness and establish networks for stakeholders.

Proboneo was a social startup whose mission was to create market facilitation for pro-bono engagement. It brought experts and leaders willing to volunteer their time together with social organizations, so that innovative ideas could find professional support. Proboneo ceased its activities in June 2017.

The project PIKSL aims to further develope modern information and communication technology for individuals with intellectual disabilities and to make them more accessible. In this way, it seeks to facilitate participation in society, reduce dependency on professional help as well as enable these individuals to lead a more self-determined life. The PIKSL laboratory is the main center where individuals with and without disabilities are brought together for computer courses, university studies or company workshops.

Additional projects that we have supported:

  • Conception, implementation and institutionalization of a nationwide initiative to improve early education in the natural sciences and technology
  • Support for a foundation in the Middle East to help set up a sponsorship organization for gifted individuals
  • Development of an education strategy for one of the most important German cultural foundations

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