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undconsorten evolved from the collaboration of experienced business consultants who have amassed more than forty years’ experience in strategic business consulting.

Since founding undconsorten in 2006, Dr. Jens Müller-Oerlinghausen, Dr. Axel Sauder and Dr. Axel Hüttmann have gathered a wealth of expertise in strategy development and implementation, HR topics as well as large reorganization and transformation processes. They also brought to the table their previous years of experience in consulting work for firms such as McKinsey & Company, among others.

Their shared enthusiasm for combining strategy and personnel topics led them to mutually create undconsorten. Today, they aspire to drive great consulting work while staying true to undconsorten’s unique consulting approach.



undconsorten thrives like the consulting carried out by our people. Our consultants have outstanding analytical abilities and are distinguished by their professionalism and strive towards excellence.

Some of our consultants come to us from renowned consulting firms as well as established companies and institutions. Others have started directly after university, with the right mix of qualifications, such as excellent degrees, internships and extracurricular activities.Most of our consultants have been with us for many years.

Our consultants are empathic and experienced individuals. They can understand, win over and develop a client’s employees, using more than mere logic to do so.

Finally, our consultants are people who have an eye for practical needs and requirements. They know the only good concept is one which has been put into effect, and they pitch in to make sure this gets done.


To ensure our exacting standards of quality are met, we maintain a highly qualified back office made up of a network of researchers, graphic artists, multimedia experts, copywriters and translators.

This office team allows our consultants to fully concentrate on the tasks and interests of their clients, therefore allowing them to be particularly productive.

If necessary, we bring in specialized reinforcements to ensure the interests of our clients are being met with the best possible performance. For this, we use our network and purposefully strengthen our knowledge of functional topics or consult with industry experts.

In this way, we always work together with specialized cooperation partners whenever this makes sense for the particular requirements of a client’s project.


Dr. Jens Müller-Oerlinghausen

... worked for more than ten years at McKinsey & Company, becoming a Partner in 2000. From 1998 onward he was initially responsible for building up and leading the German media division. He discovered his passion for HR when creating the largest online scholarship and career network e-fellows.net and the educational initiative „McKinsey bildet.“, which he led from its inception.

From these beginnings, Jens built up the German and to some extent the European HR Practice at McKinsey & Company, which he led until 2005.

He has since carried out a large number of strategic HR projects focusing on personnel strategy, talent management, HR capacity management, organization and shared services on behalf of DAX30 companies, large family businesses and public institutions.

His industry focus is on telecommunications and media, industrial companies, financial service providers and the public sector.

Dr. Axel Sauder

... worked for almost ten years in strategic management consulting before going freelance in 2006. His aim was to support clients at the interface between strategy development and the development of organizational skills.

In almost seven years working at McKinsey & Company, from 2002 onward as Associate Principal, he helped DAX30 companies and large public institutions through major change processes. It was while doing so that he discovered his passion for end-to-end, strategy-based change processes and executive development.

Born in 1967, Axel studied Political Science at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Paris and wrote his Ph.D. – a conceptual study of security policies – at the Freie Universität in Berlin. He began his career as a foreign policy consultant working for the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP). Axel lives in Berlin.

Dr. Axel Hüttmann

... contributed to the growth of undconsorten from day one as Associate Principal. He consulted a number of international large cap clients on HR, mobilization and organization-related issues. He holds specific expertise in Corporate Learning and Talent Management, where his particular interest lies in HR Marketing and Recruiting. Internally he heads undconsorten’s HR service line.

Axel discovered his passion for strategic HR topics when working with McKinsey & Company for large caps in Europe as well as in South Africa, Egypt and the UAE. Projects looking into increasing workforce flexibility, reorganization or establishment of shared services lead him to the European HR Practice. The focus of his consulting work was in transportation & logistics and automotive & assembly industry, where he supported many projects in production and sales.

Born in 1973, Axel studied Business Administration and Business Informatics at the universities of Passau and Toulouse. He earned a doctorate degree at Kassel University with a dissertation on Pricing for Industrial Goods. He lives in Munich.

Jörg Nissler

... joined the leadership team in 2011 with a focus on reorganisation, transformation, leadership and change management. He is in charge of the service line organisation. His position allows him to combine his extensive experience as a management consultant with years of experience in leadership positions in the private sector.

Prior to his experience at undconsorten he was Vice President at Telefónica/o2 in Munich. As a member of the extended executive leadership team he held various positions within Marketing and Sales. In particular he was responsible for the strategic rearrangement towards customer experience and a modern multichannel management. His areas of responsibility were the expansion and support of the shops, the acquisition and development of distribution partners, channel marketing as well as several large telesales operations. In addition he led several strategy and growth projects and post-merger integrations.

From 2000 onwards he worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Company. He accompanied international clients during reorganisation und process optimization efforts. He was especially active in the Business Development Practice and TIME sector. Next to his previous function as head of European projects for Fraunhofer Institute for industrial engineering (IAO) he finished an MBA-Executive Program at the City University Frankfurt a.M. / Seattle. Beforehand he had successfully graduated as an engineer from Stuttgart University. Today he lives with his wife and children in Munich.

Dr. Florian Dressler

… has been working as a top management consultant since 2006. He has supported numerous German and international clients, chiefly in planning and implementing extensive transformation programs. His main focuses are performance management, leadership, talent management and strategy. He heads the consulting area Performance Management at undconsorten. He is also responsible for recruiting young talent.

Before joining undconsorten, Dr. Florian Dressler spent six years at McKinsey & Company where he advised clients and guided them through significant changes in a variety of areas, including transport, logistics and infrastructure, in Germany, South Africa and the Middle East. During this time, he developed an interest in the holistic consideration of organizational performance according to both “hard” and “soft” criteria. A passion for working with his clients to develop collaborative solutions led him to undconsorten in 2013.

Dr. Florian Dressler received his doctorate in engineering in 2006 from the Technical University of Berlin. As part of his studies in industrial engineering, he spent periods abroad at Sophia University in Tokyo and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Beyond his work for undconsorten, Dr. Florian Dressler holds a professional pilot license and gives lessons as flight instructor. He is born in 1977 and lives with his wife in Berlin.