undconsorten LLP

Our values guide our work

Committed » for our clients

Loyalty & Courage

We provide our clients with personal consultation – beyond the scope of the project itself, with the commitment and courage to offer bold conclusions.

Excellence & Pragmatism

Together, we develop excellent, creative solutions. We measure our success in their implementation.

Client & Company

We work for the success of our clients and their organization. This objective has priority over all others.

Professional » as a firm

Challenge & Community

We offer challenging consultancy tasks and developmental perspectives in a culture of mutual support and trust.

Performance & Modesty

We are a meritocracy that critically and openly questions its own achievements.

Entrepreneurship & Growth

We develop initiatives, assume responsibilities and participate in shared successes.

Inspiring » as colleagues

Team & Personality

We bring diverse personalities and perspectives to the table. This fosters successful teamwork.

Objection & Reliability

The better argument counts. We are productive and reliable thanks to our independence and clear definition of roles.

Passion & Balance

We draw our energy from our enthusiasm to bring about real change and from our fulfilled private lives.