undconsorten LLP

Learning organisations are faster than the competition

A well-implemented learning function promotes networking, guarantees critical skills and creates dynamism.

A leading edge in knowledge and skills is an important advantage in the competitive global market we are working in. With our business understanding and wide experience in the field of learning, undconsorten can assist you in taking advantage of strategic possibilities of corporate learning, in particular – but not only – in the context of far-reaching processes of transformation. We will help you to integrate learning into everyday life via an agile setup, to take advantage of the possibilities of profitable digital technology, and to put the learner back at the centre of corporate learning.

We offer our clients the clear vision of top management consultants with deep functional learning expertise, which we link systematically to our knowledge of business, HR and organisational structure.

Our support is independent and neutral. Even though we sometimes offer to lead training sessions for our clients, we are not a training provider. We operate on a flexible basis: a large team of consultants can provide streamlined coaching for CLOs as well as operative project management and content design.

  • Corporate Learning Diagnostic©.
    How does your learning function compare to the competition? How should you take action?
    • We will undertake a structured analysis of your company’s learning function in order to identify critical areas for action and make recommendations for further developments. Amongst other things, we can make use of available data and benchmarks, help with the estimation of missing data points and classify these within a competition context. Through structured interviews we can record requirements, wishes and assessments of your stakeholders and look out for potential contradictions. On the basis of this data, we can set clear priorities for the future development of your learning function and guarantee the necessary management support.

  • Corporate Learning Blueprint©.
    What is our learning strategy and how should corporate learning be implemented in the future?
    • Our Corporate Learning Blueprint© delivers a complete structure for the elements of a learning strategy and the organisatory conditions necessary for implementing it. It creates comparability and allows for an efficient process of goal-development together with the team leading the course unit and, if appropriate, all employees in the field.

      The coordination of the target vision with the management helps overcome opposition and furnishes transparency within the learning function, but also beyond it.

  • Functional learning landscapes.
    Which learning opportunities are critical for success? How can they be connected to other leadership and personnel tools?
    • A functional learning landscape combines individual and specialised learning opportunities to ensure the success of individual employees, the division and the entire organisation. A good functional learning landscape is an effective platform to communicate company values, strengthen networks and develop skills. It supports lifelong learning and helps employees prepare effectively for the challenges of the future. It hence employs the whole spectrum of learning formats, from short, easily available “learning nuggets” to classroom formats and experimental learning experiences.

      For a functional learning landscape to be fully effective, HR processes (such as performance reviews or development dialogues) need to be integrated with learning opportunities, personalised development paths need to be provided and learning has to be integrated into daily work.

    • We help to develop these learning landscapes, provides the necessary coordination and supervises implementation.

  • Tailor-made solutions for integrated learning opportunities.
    How can we develop critical capacities, apply these directly and drive organizational change?
    • Learning can be an effective catalyst for transformative processes. To make use of this potential, business managers must work closely with learning experts. Requirements need to be carefully clarified and the critical business drivers identified. Modern learning architecture, geared towards learners, guarantees the effective transfer of learning into practice. Our experience has shown the importance of care in this critical design phase, since this is the point at whichfactors determining future costs and benefits are established.

      We help learning organisations to develop an effective learning concept and to guarantee the necessary coordination even in this early phase.We offer support as a neutral partner in the choice of appropriate learning partners, with clear requirements in a structured learning process. Moreover, we ensure the speedy and efficient rollout of learning opportunities.