undconsorten LLP

Focus by means of strategic orientation

Alignment isn’t everything, but you have nothing without it.

Clear content and a mutual plan are the basic requirements for a successful organization. Companies invest considerable resources in systematic strategy development. However, many strategies do not meet up with their expectations. This is because real success lies in implementing and anchoring strategy within the organization.

By supporting the development of a concrete strategy, we therefore ensure three factors crucial to success are addressed.

  • Developing a mission statement.
    What is the meaning and purpose of your company?
    • Efficiency, quality, profit. These goals are a major priority in every successful organization. However, they only provide short to medium-term orientation for business action and fail to answer such basic questions as: What is my overall goal (vision)? Who is my customer, what needs does he/she have and what can the organization offer him/her (mission)? How would the organization like to function (values)?

      When we develop models with you, the process of working together is just as important as the final end product. For this, we also keep in mind the right mix of demands at the management level in connection with all those involved and match strategy, mission statement and (desired) corporate culture.

  • Strategic Team Alignment.
    How do we all play our part?
    • Successful management teams must share a common vision for strategic direction as well as effective team work. As both a sparring partner and strategy facilitator, we will support you with our comprehensive and proven toolkit for diagnosing team collaboration as well as establishing the alignment of a common strategy.

      Every team is a unique mix of individuals, working styles and external conditions which face different strategic challenges. Because of this, we adapt our approach and instruments to your individual needs. After receiving our service, you will have both a more focused strategy as well as a stronger team.

  • Strategy Execution Review.
    Are we still following the right path together?
    • To ensure sustainable business success, even the best strategy needs a structured mapping from time to time. We will help you identify and successfully navigate the critical challenges of strategy implementation. We ensure you’ll reach a mutual understanding and agreement on key fields of action within the organization. Once this has been achieved, we will also support you in adapting strategy and deriving a program of action to close any possible gaps in strategy implementation.