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Let's rethink Talent Management together!

Find a way to enable everybody to develop their full potential instead of the “goldfish bowl”.

When you look at the history of Talent Management, you see that a structural Talent Management based on succession planning and the targeted development of an elite circle of employees has been there from the start. However, today we need to look at Talent Management from different angles focusing on increasing the impact on the performance of the organization today and in the future.

Our framework summarizes the key elements of future Talent Management:




Talent centricity means talents in the driver seat and great user experiences as the core principle in all design processes.




“Everybody has a talent”-approach shifting from a position- to an individual-orientation and highlighting willingness, curiosity and adaptability as well as former experiences.




Real-time recommendations based on AI analysis of big data replacing static competency models, career paths or succession plans.




HR as coach enabling employees to find purpose, offering recommendations for the next step and being an advisor for team compositions as well as creating innovation in the Talent Ecosystem.




Create business impact on organizational performance with the business and people strategy as the key guiding frame.


We support you and your Talent Management of the future by offering a wide range of products.
Our approach to creating or improving Talent Management is iterative. Different building blocks help our clients to create a more impactful Talent Management and to prepare for current and future needs.

HR Strategy and Organization

What people priorities and directions of impact arise from the needs of the organization and business? And what is the best HR-strategy and design of the HR organization to deliver on these needs?

Talent Management Review and Readiness Assessment

What is the maturity level of our Talent Management, and where as an organization do we need to take action?

Talent Strategy

How should we design the talent strategy and what is the business case to sell it?

Development and Delivery of Talent Management Practices and Instruments

How do we bring our Talent Management offers to the next level and who can support us during the delivery, regarding e.g.,

  • Talent acquisition, sourcing and attraction
  • Talent identification and assessment
  • Talent pools, internal mobility and placement
  • Talent development

Diversity and Inclusion

How can we design and implement Diversity and Inclusion and get the best impact for the business?

Digitalization of HR and Talent Management

How do we digitalize our portfolio and what is the best way to implement new IT solutions?

People and Talent Analytics

How can we use analytics to manage our portfolio efficiently and to best serve the customers’ needs?

Agile and Customer-orientation in Talent Management and HR

How can we drive the agile transformation of the organization and implement new ways of working as well as customer-orientation in HR?

Integration of People Processes

How and to what degree do we want to integrate our key people processes (Talent Management, Performance Management, Learning, Leadership Development etc.)?