undconsorten LLP

Are you looking to develop your leaders and elevate your organization’s performance?

We offer a learner-centric approach to strengthen essential capabilities for the leaders of today and tomorrow. Learn more, take a leap forward, and lead even better!

Today, learning managers and leadership developers struggle to keep pace with complex and volatile business requirements. The solution lies in moving beyond singular, often standardized, off-the-job learning interventions: We at undconsorten are specialists in designing comprehensive and tailored learning architectures that integrate along- and on-the-job measures. We link our programs to concrete business initiatives and processes. This is key for a successful learning journey with sustainable impact for individual leaders and the whole organization.

Talking about sustainable learning – let’s play a quick round of memory!

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Talking about sustainable learning – let’s play a quick round of memory!

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What do we offer?
  • Business impact through close link to organizational context and strategic goals

  • State-of-the-art learning experiences tailored to your specific needs

  • Proven enablement methods from various international consulting projects

  • Experienced team of consultants, trainers and coaches to cater to diverse target groups

  • Comprehensive capability building in a learning journey with flexible modules

  • Team LeadershipHow to
    form a succesful team?

  • Digital LeadershipHow to
    become a digital native?

  • Self LeadershipHow to
    constantly improve as a leader?

  • Project LeadershipHow to
    ensure project success?

  • Agile LeadershipHow to
    become an agile leader?

  • Strategic LeadershipHow to
    develop a succesful strategy?

  • People LeadershipHow to
    motivate my employees and help them grow?

  • Communicative LeadershipHow to
    convince my audience?

  • Change LeadershipHow to
    drive change in organizations?

  • Performance LeadershipHow to
    help my employees live up to their potential?

    • Value diverse skills and experiences
    • Agree on roles and responsibilities
    • Trust your team members and let them shine
    Team Leadership
    • Embrace digital tools and platforms for day-to-day work
    • Reach out and try out new forms of cooperation
    • Exploit digital business models
    Digital Leadership
    • Ask regularly for feedback
    • Learn 360° – from customers, partners managers, peers and employees
    • Be versatile in your leadership style
    Self Leadership
    • Understand stakeholder environment
    • Ask challenging questions
    • Expect the unexpected
    Project Leadership
    • Adopt servant leadership
    • Build and coach teams
    • Foster continuous improvement
    Agile Leadership
    • Focus on external market and customer needs
    • Analyze in an unbiased and rigorous fashion
    • Translate strategy for execution
    Strategic Leadership
    • Care for people and understand different styles
    • Provide appreciative, yet honest feedback
    • Show development steps
    People Leadership
    • Be clear about your (one!) key message
    • Surprise with a question
    • Create emotions with a personal story
    Communicative Leadership
    • Embrace your responsibility as a leader in times of change
    • Enable and empower others
    • Explain and excite with appropriate communication
    Change Leadership
    • Understand what is important for your employees
    • Dare to be fair and honest – always
    • Think stretch, development and results
    Performance Leadership