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HR transformation:
More value instead of less cost

Quality and performance initiative as the next phase

In the past, HR transformation was usually equated with cost reduction by means of shared services and bundling expertise as well as efficiency gains through IT support of processes. However, many HR and business executives today realize that slightly lower HR costs resulted in the same or a reduced level of quality and user satisfaction.

This is why new demands are being placed on HR transformations these days. In addition to efficiency, the quality and needs of the business are becoming more important. This is taking place in the context of market and business changes as well as digitization, which are prompting new and completely differentsupport requirements for the HR function within the organization itself.

As a result, the HR department faces changes in its self-image and range of services, in the way services are provided and the respective roles they require. Above all, it is necessary to build competencies in the area of organizational development so that the transformation of the business is not only supported, but also strategically shaped as an active partner. This does not function as an isolated HR exercise, but instead in close cooperation with the business. At the same time, this strengthens the role of HR within the company.

Vertiefung: Zentrale Stellhebel für eine wirkungsvolle und holistische HR-Transformation

Common components of HR transformation

Transformative changes in HR usually take place at three levels:

  • Why? HR purpose and vision
  • What? People/HR strategy incl. goals and roadmap as well as performance portfolio
  • How? Target operating model and culture

Concrete target image, radical prioritization and fast application as the key to success

undconsorten helps companies to further develop the value-added topics of HR in a customer-oriented way post HR Basics, the often cost-driven first wave of HR transformation. We strengthen not only processes, but also the skills and attitudes of employees, in both HR and the company.

In addition to day-to-day business and its further optimization, a large number of levers must be addressed without overtaxing the organization and losing people in the process. From our experience, a target image that is easily understood by the employees is as fundamental to a successful transformation as the courage to adopt crystal-clear prioritization and rapid implementation pilots. We promise to strengthen our clients in this respect.

Your contact persons for HR transformations:

Dr. Axel Hüttmann

Dr. Jens Müller-Oerlinghausen